Within the last years the universities of Baden-Württemberg successfully consolidated several of their IT-services. So today we have datacenters providing shared services (bw*) to all members of the universities of the state no matter which university they belong to. To provide the best quality of experience for the users the underlying network has to fulfill several requirements in case of bandwidth and latency, which was the motivation to start one of our latest bw-projects, bwNET100G+. So we chose the following topics as focus for our researches within the project:

We have built three flexible high performance zones (FHP zones) located at the participating universities in the cities of Karlsruhe, Tübingen and Ulm. Each FHP zone consists of a dedicated testrack including 10GbE+ capable hardware components such as servers and openflow-capable switches.

One factor against other bw-projects in Baden-Württemberg is the unique collaboration of network operators and researchers. There is one of each located at every participating university plus one network operator at Belwü dedicated for this project.

Besides the integration of new technologies the network operators group will evaluate a generic WAN-as-a-Service testbed for research groups in Baden-Württemberg. Finally scientists will be able to book predefined hardware and dedicated layer-1 links between the different locations for their experiments.

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