bwNET100G+ SDN Workshop 17.07.2019, Karlsruhe

For the first time the bwNET100G+ project team of the Universities of Karlsruhe, Ulm, Tübingen and the so-called BelWü (stands for Baden-Württemberg's extended LAN and is the network of scientific institutions in Baden-Württemberg) organized a workshop on „Software-Defined Networking (SDN) using OpenFlow and P4 as examples“. The event took place on July 17, 2019 at the Institute for Telematics in Karlsruhe (KIT). The aim of the workshop was to give the participants an overview of the different possibilities of software-defined networking and to reduce the corresponding hurdles in dealing with them. A total of 15 participants from the data centers in Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Tübingen, Ulm and Constance came together. For the first time, eight external data center employees were also represented to exchange information on the subject of SDN.

The day of the event was divided into two halves: The aim of the morning was to convey the theoretical basics and to bring all participants up to a common level of knowledge. The second part in the afternoon focused on the practice and offered a detailed hands-on to successfully implement the learned theory in the programming application.

2019.07.17.sdn-workshop-lukaseder.jpg 2019.07.17.sdn-workshop-schmidt.jpg 2019.07.17.sdn-workshop-practice.jpg

Thomas Lukaseder, who first discussed the basic principles and ideas of software-defined networking in his introductory lecture „Introduction to SDN” introduced the topic. In a short round of questions, the participants had the opportunity to ask questions that were still open.

This was followed by a joint lecture by Mark Schmidt, Frederik Hauser and Marco Häberle on „Data plane programming with P4“. The general principles were explained and a number of application cases and areas were pointed out. P4 enables the network operator to adapt the behavior of network hardware on the data plane layer to the desired behavior with the help of a high-level programming language. This in turn results in a large number of areas of application, which were examined in detail during the workshop.

In the more practical part in the afternoon, the participants were able to develop flow-based SDN applications themselves with the help of the „SDN Cockpit” - an open source teaching and learning software for SDN developed by KIT - which was received with great interest. An „expert“ was available to provide advice and assistance to the participants as required.

For further networking, there was a relaxed discussion round at the end of the event, during which the data center employees already gave a variety of positive feedback regarding the event and its smooth organization.

The „bwNet100G+” team is therefore already looking forward to the next successful joint event and would like to thank all participants.

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